Hypotension - how to recognize it and what measures you should take

hypotensionPeople with low blood pressure rarely feel symptoms except tiredness and lack of concentration. These symptoms however are not entirely harmless and can be reviewed as potential treat for vital organs, even though many people believe that low blood pressure is a precondition for longer life, because it prevents heart attack and stroke.

Low levels are mostly typical for young and skinny people but very often occur in adults as well.

Symptoms of hypotension

1. You find it hard to get up in the morning and need longer rest. 2. It is hard for you to concentrate. 3. Your legs and hands are cold or you are sensitive to cold. 4. You either need more sleep, or have constant desire to take a nap. 5. When getting up suddenly you feel dizzy. 6. You are always thirsty. 7. You look pale. 8. You often have headache. Prevention is the best cure. All of the symptoms can be reduced by strict food regime and exercises. Here are some recommendations: 1. Drink buttermilk with salt. Indeed salty foods help hypotension 2. Try consuming as much liquids as possible and at least 1,5 litres. of water 3. If you have hypotension do not follow strict diets – eat regularly in short intervals and try consuming foods that contain iron and vitamin C 4. Include more foods with that contain vitamin B, for example black liver, milk products, carrots, yolk and etc. 5. Chocolate helps low blood pressure 6. Drink herbs infusion with marigold, mint, basil, hawthorn, dandelion, thyme and rosemary. 7. Avoid drinking coffee. Although the blood pressure rises immediately after consumption of coffee, in the long term it acts exactly the opposite due to diuretic effect of coffee.