How to take care of our blood pressure during the autumn

  Blood pressure during AutumnThe blood pressure levels are influenced by variety of factors including the atmospheric pressure and the cold weather. During autumn the risks for people with cardiovascular diseases increase. In some cases those risks are related with blood pressure rising, while in others the tendency is opposite. The cold weather causes peripheral vascular stages, which leads to centralizing of the blood circulation and heart difficulties. Most often in cold days the condition of patients with hypertonia gets worse. When the weather gets cold the risk for infarct and insultus rises as the pressure for the heart increases.

Here are some golden rules, that you should follow during the winter season:

How should we get dressed in colder days…

  • When going out in colder days you should always get a scarf with you.
  • Avoid workload as shoveling snow when it is too cold outside. If it is necessary do regular rests and get inside regularly.
  • Get dressed with couple of thin clothes so where you are inside you can take some of them off. Wool even when it is wet still has thermo-isolation effect.
  • Consider the hat as a temporary accessory as the head consumes large amounts of blood.

What should we eat…

  • Reduce the consummation of animal fats. Emphasize on bean foods, vegetables and fruits. For people with heart problems it is best to consume potatoes, carrots, beans, pumpkin, lettuce, all kinds of cabbage and agrarian fruits.
  • When possible exclude all kinds of salt from your menu.
  • Decrease the calories to half of your usual amount.

What activities are helpful…

  • Take short walks at the park or in mountains in your spare time.
  • Your mind power is an essential medicine. If you have fears about new challenge or exam, it is normal that your blood pressure rises. You can train your mind to overcome the pressure in this kind of situations and should always try to stay patient. Try to calm down your thoughts straight after you wake up.