1. How can I buy the blood pressure monitor SENDO® / accessories for blood pressure monitor SENDO®?

You can buy SENDO® and its accessories from our website.

2. How is the delivery done?

The delivery is done by a local courier company that we are working with and is free for an amount over 29,99 EUR. Once we ship the order, you will receive an email with the name of the delivery company and tracking number.

3. What’s the warranty of SENDO®?

The warranty of the digital blood pressure monitors SENDO® is 5 years / 2 years for the mechanic parts that come with it.

The warranty of the aneroid blood pressure monitors SENDO® is 2 years.  

4. Does the digital BPMs work with an adapter or with batteries?

The digital BPMs SENDO® work with replaceable batteries or with an adapter that’s connected to the electric network. 

5. My blood pressure monitor is broken / needs repair. What should I do?

For all types of problems and questions connected to SENDO please contact us via email contact-en@sendo.info.

6. Is it normal for blood pressure levels to vary?

Since your blood pressure isn’t constant, it’s normal for the blood pressure levels to vary throughout the day. There are many things that can affect it such as stress, food and drinks, physical activity, air temperature, weather, season and atmospheric pressure. 

7. Is there a difference in the values shown by a mechanical blood pressure monitor and a digital one?

Since the two types of BPMs use different methods when reading results (digital BPMs use vibrations of the blood vessels and the aneroid BPMS use the noises which the heart produces when pumping,) it’s normal to have slightly different results. Additionally, the digital BPMs avoid subjectivity - the values for the mechanical blood pressure monitor can vary according to a person's hearing. 

8. Is there a difference in the results when measuring your blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor for the bicep and one for the wrist?

It’s possible to see differences because the blood vessels in the wrist are smaller and are situated more lightly than the ones on the bicep, which affects the result. Ask your doctor where to measure your blood pressure. 

9. I’m noticing a difference in the results I get at home compared to those my personal doctor gives me. Why?

Blood pressure varies according to a person’s physical and emotional state and is affected by physical activity, food, drinks, etc. In the doctor’s office, the condition “White coat hypertension” is often seen. This is when your blood pressure is higher than it is at home due to worry or discomfort. Discuss your results with your doctor to get a complete picture of the health of your cardiovascular system.