Precision is key

For almost 40 years, our engineers in Japan have been perfecting the reliability of SENDO® blood pressure monitors, with their accuracy being tested hundreds of hours against the strictest professional standards. Before reaching consumers, each detail of every SENDO® is subjected to relentless testing. The end result is SENDO®’s extraordinary precision.

Introducing HIRA

The latest addition to SENDO®’s set of qualities is an innovative technology called HIRA - Heartbeat Irregularity Rate Analysis. This function detects and analyses irregular cardiac rhythms. Every irregular heartbeat reading is stored in the BPM’s memory and once a track record of at least seven readings is accumulated, HIRA will evaluate every subsequent reading, classify its irregularity into one of four predefined levels and display an advisory message.

Easy to use

You do not need special skills or training to measure your blood pressure with SENDO®. Using our digital BPMs is beyond easy. All you need is to take a seat, put the cuff on and press the button. After 30 seconds, your blood pressure readings will appear on the display. Don’t forget to read the instructions first.

It will last long

SENDO® blood pressure monitors are designed to provide accurate measurements over many years. This is possible due to the extremely high standards for quality and reliability followed during the manufacturing process of the devices.

The long-term usage of SENDO® BPMs is also guaranteed by a 5-year warranty for our digital BPMs and 2 year warranty for the aneroid ones.