How to Measure Blood Pressure Properly at Home?

Blood pressure values are influenced not only by human age and health condition, but also by factors directly related to the momentary physical activity, emotional condition, ambient temperature. That is why there should be considered some small rules for blood pressure measurement. How to Measure Blood Pressure Properly at Home?

What to do in order to measure the blood pressure properly.

  • Measurement of blood pressure must be carried out in a position of absolute peace. Even climbing stairs increases relatively blood pressure. So wait at least 10-15 minutes to stabilize its values. Relax with your eyes closed, inhale and exhale deeply.
  • Measure blood pressure at least twice a day, in the morning after getting out of bed and in the evening. It is important to follow approximately the same time.
  • Blood pressure is measured best seated while sitting near the kitchen table with normal height (coffee table are not suitable). Place your hand on the table so that the wrist is at heart level.
  • To obtain more accurate values, remove the watch and other jewelry, and tight-fitting clothes to the arm. Wrap the cuff of the blood pressure device on a bare hand.
  • When measuring blood pressure, arm should be completely motionless. Do not talk.
  • It is recommended bladder to be emptied before measuring blood pressure.
  • Between some consecutive measurements of blood pressure, leave an interval of 3-4 minutes.

What not to do before measuring blood pressure

  • Blood pressure rises sharply after any physical exercise.
  • Smoking affects blood pressure values. A cigarette increases the upper limit by 5-6 mm Hg in 15 minutes.
  • Coffee and spirits also affect blood pressure.
  • After taking plenty of food, the blood is concentrated in the stomach to help the digestive process. Therefore, as most commonly observed with old people, there is decreased blood pressure.